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For work queries, comments, and other such social things, please fill out the form and submit.


You can also reach me through any of my social media pages listed on this page.


Looking forward to hearing from you!


2015 MtM College of Animation, Art & Design, Illustration for Sequential Arts Diploma
2011 Keyano College, Art & Design Diploma


2019 We Heal, Keyano College, Fort McMurray

2018 Storylines: Comic Art in Alberta, AFA Travelling Exhibition (TREX)
2011 Group of Seven, Keyano College, Fort McMurray


2019 Where the Heart Is, Limited print run.
2018 I Like Dogs and You, p. 50. Web and preorder books.
2016 Off Duty Overwatch, p. 20. Web and preorder books.
2015-2016 HERETIC 9, Bimonthly art contributor. Web.
2015 Mattie’s Magic, Limited print run.
2015 Buffalo Family Makes An Emergency Plan, Printed by the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.
2014-2016 YMM Magazine, Bimonthly comic contributor.
2010 Cowboy Dan, Handmade book.

2016 Wallis Snowdon. "'Childhood erased': Fort McMurray graphic novelist depicts wildfire's traumatic legacy” CBC Edmonton. Web.
2016 Featured in CBC Arts Facebook video about sequential artwork. CBC Arts. Web.

2014 Instructor, Keyano College
2014 Camp Leader/Instructor, Keyano College
2017-2018 Private Tutor


The medium that interests me the most is that of sequential story telling- I want to make comics.


I want to take part in this revolution of risk taking in comics. Fine art and comics do not have to be mutually exclusive. Comics can be and are being used as an inspiring and artistic medium, and you can tell meaningful and impacting stories within their pages.


In my work I want to honor my unique perspective. I aim to confuse, educate, engage. The work you see before you is my exploration of medium and self.

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